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My heart belongs to period films.

On the set of Song For The Living. Yes, of course I like Wes Anderson films.


On the set of Princesses Don't Kiss Frogs. I spent months picking estate sales and finding period appropriate finds on a dime. This very rope that is used was a unopened washing line rope from the 40s with original packaging. It was $2.00. Bag with pegs included.

Estate sale picks. I believe I got these for something ridiculous, like 75 cents for the lot. Oh Colorado how I miss your estate sales.

I found an actual WWII telegram at a beloved Estate Sale, which we used in the film and just modified it to have the character's name, Jacob Stafford. Whose name came about when finding a Army tag that had the name Jacob Stafford.

I enjoy holding physical moments in history.

We unfortunately never filmed this half of the kitchen in the short film of Princesses Don't Kiss Frogs, which happens, so good thing I got this cell phone picture.


I found these beautiful genuine WWII soldier field manuals. They were used in our short film and I lent them out to some art friends for a WWII feature they were dressing, which was the last time I saw them. However, I and many others can view them in the film War Pigs on Netflix, where they make an appearance.

There is nothing like classic beauty.

On set, behind the scenes. I did production design and costume design for this period short. It was a lot of work, but I live for it.


This filtered, Instagram shot was from the set of the short film Crustacean, which I did the Costume Design for. Think of the film The Lobster, but set in a victorian steampunk world of sadness.


BTS on the set of Princesses Don't kiss Frogs.

Documenting the prop finds.

Andy Sandberg. Just kidding this guy is funnier, I present you Andy Hankins.

BTS on Princesses Don't Kiss Frogs. We filmed in this wonderfully old bank.



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