When I was in the middle of moving from CO to CA and production designing an indie feature; so, tech

I present you the art team's crew picture.

This deadly twosome. Dylan Sindelar, my art PA, and Hannah Marklin, the FX Make-up artist and my set dresser. Wild we were, quickly a tight knit group, like kids on camp. So much so, that having to adjust to normal life after set was difficult.

Excuse me offensively handsome cinematographer, can you quickly snap a pic of me at this table, while a lawyer acting as the lawyer goes over the script and explains that it makes no lawful sense and that we should really think about rewriting. We were 5 days into filming. You know what, we did just that. I am so thankful that this lawyer/actor said something, because we the cast and crew came together in the most magnificent way and made a 80% better production that we can be proud of.

Polishing Silver in our motel 8 bathroom.

Yes, I know how pompous I look. I was going through a phase of bad haircuts, my whole life.


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