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I thoroughly enjoy the aging process, so I'm here for all your aging needs.

Making and aging a funeral home sign for Song For The Living, that suggests that it has been around for many years.

The early stages of aging.


BTS of Girl in a Darkened Room, which I Production Designed and did the Costume Design. It's hard to tell the finer details with aging of wardrobe in a low lit film. However, I like to go the extra lengths to help fully emerge the actor into his character. That suit was moth eaten ash once I was done with it, something you would expect Death to wear.


I was a one woman art department on this low budget indie film, BluLeo. I Production Designed, Costume Designed, did the FX Make-up, Props, set dressing, hair and aging. I aged about 10 different white shirts for Grayson Low's character for his progression of his journey through-out the film.

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